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Multifunction ice cream machines

INNOVA combined machine, ​​a small and complete multifunctional laboratory that carries out the two essential operations for the production of ice cream: pasteurization and freezing.

An alternative solution to batch freezers for ice cream and traditional ice cream pasteurizers, INNOVA combined machine, is ​​the equipment for ice cream parlours that allows you to customize each flavour based on your experience and manage the quantity to be produced.

The high hourly production, the versatility of pasteurization, the excellent cooling capacity and the energy savings make the combined machine by INNOVA the ideal combined ice cream machine for every professional need.

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Fast processing cycles

The processing time of pasteurization and of freezing are for a perfect and continuous production.

Fast programming

Two simple keyboards and intuitive allows a separate programming of the pasteurization cycles and freezing, using custom parameters.

Total hygiene

The pasteurized mixture passes from the upper to the lower cylinder, through an automatic internal passage system patented by INNOVA and managed electronically, without manual intervention and the possibility of contamination. Alternatively, the version with a manual external passage is also available.

Easy cleaning

A quick and complete cleaning is a fundamental objective: the simple release of the shovel with the female insert leaves the freezing cylinder closed for effective cleaning.


Robust structure, totally in AISI 304 stainless steel in large thicknesses with a self-supporting frame but compact in size.

Electronic control

The pasteurization and freezing process after setting proceeds autonomously thanks to the electronic control of each phase: this allows for optimising the time.

How this works

The pursuit of excellence as a winning strategy: our pluses


100% Made in Italy

The high quality of Italian production. INNOVA ice cream machines are today a point of reference in the sector for their high quality, reliability and resistance.


5 years warranty

High level of reliability. Thanks to Plus Program - the exclusive service plan structured by INNOVA, it guarantees every need for maintenance on its machines for artisanal gelato.


A+ System

The innovative A + System used by INNOVA provides for controlled management of the cold and agitation at each stage of ice cream production.

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