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Miss is the electronic floor standing machine for soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. It is designed with two high-performance refrigeration systems that independently manage ice cream production and storage inside the tank, optimizing performance and significantly reducing energy costs.

The perfect combination of special patented counter-rotating stirrers and the pump system external to the storage tanks guarantees the highest continuity of ice cream delivery.

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Total hygiene

The easy removal of the pumps and agitators simplifies the disinfection of the machine.

Pumps outside the tanks

The pumps are positioned outside the tanks, allowing to exploit the maximum capacity and eliminating the presence of external bodies in contact with the mixture for better hygiene.

Separate refrigerator system

Miss is designed with two high-performance refrigeration systems which independently manage production and storage, significantly reducing energy costs.

Quick working cycle

The extraordinary Innova shovel, coupled with the high-performance refrigeration system, makes the hourly ice cream production process faster.

The pursuit of excellence as a winning strategy: our pluses


100% Made in Italy

The high quality of Italian production. INNOVA ice cream machines are today a point of reference in the sector for their high quality, reliability and resistance.


2 years warranty

High level of reliability. Thanks to Plus Program - the exclusive service plan structured by INNOVA, it guarantees every need for maintenance on its machines for artisanal ice cream.


Original design

An unmistakable design. For the soft ice cream production line, INNOVA offers machines that are unique for their originality, in terms of shape and colors.

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