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Innovation at the service of energy efficiency

The A+ System, used by INNOVA, offers a controlled management of the cold at every stage of the ice cream production.

A+ can provide a balanced amount of cold for the specific production requirements, while maintaining the quality and consistency of the ice cream unaltered from its pasteurization to its batch freezing and all the way up to its preservation and extraction.

The special inverter of the A+ System, dedicated to the calibration of cold, is combined to a motor gear for the quick and direct transmission of motion.

This union ensures the controlled management of energy consumption, incredible energy savings and environmental sustainability.

Here are the advantages of the A+ System:

  • the ingredients are quickly crystallized by a balanced quantity of cold to achieve perfect creaminess and pasteurization
  • the ice cream never freezes thanks to the automatic modulation of the thermal power of the compressor at any stage of processing
  • it guarantees significant energy savings by optimizing consumption
  • it ensures the flexible management of the production of the various amounts of ice cream, even in case of a half load
  • it favors a perfect extraction thanks to the controlled refrigeration, which maintains the high quality of the final product unaltered