Artisanal production for professional needs

INNOVA passionately designs and produces all of its products in Italy, in its establishment of Cerete, in the province of Bergamo.

Thanks to a concentration of technology and innovation, INNOVA’s ice cream machines are now a point of reference in the industry for their quality, reliability and durability. The structures of the batch freezers, pasteurizers, maturation vats, multifunction and soft ice cream machines are made with selected top quality materials to be more efficient and functional in order to ensure improved performance.

The stainless steel aisi 304, specifically used for food, is processed by hand.

All the supporting elements, seals and joints are assembled and welded by hand.

The processing accuracy ensures excellent resistance and maintains the value of the machine over time.

The production staff has extensive experience in precision machining: this ensures the manufacturing perfection of every detail of every item.

INNOVA’s machines are mechanical jewels: the union of the mechanical part to a state of the art electronic system, developed by the company’s technicians, allows you to optimize the productive performance needed to achieve top results and functionality.

The electronic control of every mechanical component ensures the perfect functionality and increased longevity of all machines to maintain their value over time.

Innovating to improve

This constant search for better results in terms of efficiency, performance and energy savings makes INNOVA’s products the jewels of the Made in Italy.