INNOVA and 4.0 Industry

Now your 40% Tax Credit

Don’t waste your time!

This is the right time to buy one or more INNOVA Ice Cream Machines, to get your 40% Tax Credit.


Which machines are eligible?

All the machines of the INNOVA Artisan line (Batch Creamer, Pasteuriser, Multifunction) have the necessary characteristics to immediately access the Tax Benefits.
It is necessary that your laboratory is connected to the Internet in order to fulfill the criteria of the Law.


How does the INNOVA equipment tax credit work?

If you purchase one or more INNOVA Ice Cream Machines by December 31, 2022, you can apply for a 40% tax credit in compensation as of January 1, 2023.
In addition, with a deposit equal to 20% of the taxable amount and with delivery within 30/06/23 you can still take advantage of 40% tax credit
If your investment is for example € 20,000, you benefit from a tax deduction of € 8,000 in compensation divided into 3 annual instalments of € 2,650 each.

Included in the price we deliver the Sworn Technical Expertise that “Certifies” that the Ice Cream Machines of INNOVA are REALLY Industry 4.0!

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