Maturation vats

System-T 210

System-T 210 optimize the production capacity of the Flù 70 pasteurizer, simplifying the delivery of the collected product directly from the pasteurizer. System-T 210 stir the pasteurized mixture, store it at 4 ° and allow the extraction of the desired quantity.

The System-T structure, including the connections, is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and welded by hand.

Main features


The System-T can be connected to any of Innova’s pasteurizers and is available in two different capacities, 140 L and 210 L. The vertical structure optimizes the available space.

System-T consumption

The consumptions of the System-T are minimized thanks to the use of a electronically controlled air cooling system. With System-T, water consumption is reduced to zero.

Constant monitoring

System-T is managed by a sophisticated electronic system that constantly monitors the operations, thus ensuring perfect operations and reducing the need for maintenance.

The passage of the mixture from the pasteurizer

The passage of the mixture from the pasteurizer to the vat is direct and automatic thanks to the use of a pump, thus excluding any contact with the outside environment and operator.

The comfortable small shower

The convenient faucet outside the maturation vats allows you to completely wash the System-T maturation vats in a quick and convenient manner.

Remote Control System

Thanks to the Remote Control System (RCS), Innova’s service network can view the settings of the functions of System-T’s maturation vats in real time.

Technical features

Power supply: 400/50/3

Depth: 77 (+30) CM

Power: 1.5 KW

Load cycle: 0-140/210 LT

Condensation: AIR

Height: 155 (+20) CM – 175 (+20) CM

Length: 77 CM

Weight: 110-120 KG

The pursuit of excellence as a winning strategy: our pluses


100% Made in Italy

The high quality of Italian production. INNOVA ice cream machines are today a point of reference in the sector for their high quality, reliability and resistance.


5 years warranty

High level of reliability. Thanks to Plus Program - the exclusive service plan structured by INNOVA, it guarantees every need for maintenance on its machines for artisanal gelato.


A+ System

The innovative A + System used by INNOVA provides for controlled management of the cold and agitation at each stage of ice cream production.

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