Project Description


Miss 3 is designed with two highly efficient cooling systems that independently manage the production of ice cream and its preservation inside the tank.

Thanks to two separate tanks, Miss 3 allows the delivery of two different flavors that can even be mixed together.

Maximum attention to detail is expressed in the handmade welding to ensure a strong and durable product. Thanks to the high level of quality, Miss 3 maintains its value unaltered over time.

1 – Miss 3’s work cycle uses an extraordinary patented blade to speed up the production process, but also a highly efficient cooling system.

2- It has a simple, intuitive and easy to set keyboard to quickly program the machine and it offers an extensive range of customizable ice cream consistency options with excellent overrun values.

3- The automatic return lever system of Miss 3 makes it possible to perfectly control the dispensing of the ice cream portions without waste.

4- Miss 3 is fully managed by a sophisticated electronic system that constantly monitors the operations of the machine to ensure perfect operations.

5- The model is available in a pump or gravity version that were designed to be easily placed both on the production line or in a built-in system. The options available for Miss 3 ensure outstanding versatility.

6- Remote Control System (RCS) connects Miss 3 to Innova’s service network, which can view all the settings in real time to provide a targeted solution to your issue.

POWER SOURCE: 400/50/3
TANK: 6.5 LT x2
DIMENSIONS: 59×64(+9)x142 CM

Innova mantecatori movi

The easy to remove pumps and stirrers simplify the sanitizing operations of the machine.

Innova mantecatori movi

The pumps are placed outside of the tanks to use the machine at maximum capacity and to make sure no external bodies come into contact with the mixture for greater hygiene.

Innova mantecatori movi

Miss is designed with two highly efficient cooling systems that independently manage production and preservation to significantly reduce the energy consumption costs.

Innova mantecatori movi

Innova’s extraordinary blade, together with the highly efficient cooling system, speeds up the hourly ice cream production process.

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